VidiCity Game Plan

Are you a smart video Creator or Influencer? VidiBio 

We help Creators monetize and grow their followers!

Are you a Business Owner who wants more exposure? VidiBuzz

We help you get discovered with Weekly Video using next-gen Vidi Ai!

Are you a business owner actively seeking funding? VidiFund

We connect businesses with investors, private equity and capital strategy!

Video News Release ( 

Example Video: Deborah Kay at Grandview

Elevate your game and get paid on schedule with Vidi Ai, The new opportunity for context-aware videos. Created using next-gen video automation from VidiBuzz.

VidiCity is our independent local news channel. We work with local creators and video journalists sharing stories from our community. Viewers, see the latest smart video news, local events, reviews & stories from Palm Beach to your home town.

Local Business x Category

We have indexed and rated the top business video listings in your area with Video Near Me. VidiCity is your hyper-local video guide. Discover the hottest new companies, restaurants and more right in your backyard. 

#1 Creator Economy x #2 Vidi Ai

We engage locally using the two greatest economic megatrends in the world today – Ai + Video Creators. 

Goldman Sachs estimates the revenue to exceed $480B by 2027. Many Creators begin with a notion that YouTube will pay their bills. Eventually they discover the truth to thrive as a Creator one must derive cash flow from brand sponsors. We help Creators to monetize. 

On the other side of the equation, business owners desperately need creators for brand exposure in a world where 86% of their consumers seek video. For these owners we provide the greatest opportunity for exposure.

VidiCity creators make $$ as affiliates for VidiBuzz. Earn $500 for each new Premier Channel client. 

Creator transition to Video Journalist

We help influencers to focus and monetize their efforts, converting them from random, unprofitable “influencers” to brand-adjacent journalists and business reporters.

VidiCity opens doors to business owners and entrepreneurs who are otherwise too busy to reach. As a community we bring creators together where they learn and share with each other. Financially, VidiCity provides steady pay in the local area in which they operate. Until one makes money with a project, it’s just a hobby.

Every entrepreneur wants a feature story in the news

Most importantly for VidiBuzz, any business owner will willingly respond to a request from VidiCity for an interview. It provides an immediate “door opener”. Every entrepreneur wants a feature story in the news. Once the owner accepts the meeting the flow of content begins. We have opened the door to the new world of online video where 86% percent of all consumers seek video when they engage with a brand. The exposure they get online will continue if they produce more videos through VidiBuzz.

VidiCity Smart News & Hyperlocal Video Search

Affiliates Business Builders (Side Hustles)

Travel & Recreation

Fashion & Luxury Goods

Coaching, Motivation & Healers

Personal Brand Creators & Celebs

Health & Wellness

Beauty: Estheticians & Hair Salons

Organic Supply – Dietician

Web, Advertising, PR, SEO, Social, Vidi Ai™

Sports, Fitness & BodyBuilding




Video Games



Ai & Business Tech

Professional Services: Accounting & Legal

Restaurants & Bars

Manufacturing – Wholesale Supply

Home & Office Maintenance Services

Tech & Gadgets: Consumer Electronics

Real Estate (VidiRealty)



Boating, Marine, Nautical