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I permit VidiCity to create a feature story about me and my business to share with the local community. 

  • Business Owner Interview with Deborah Kay.
  • Meet the owner on location and film the story.

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Video News Release

Every business needs brand exposure on LOCAL VIDEO SEARCH. With text SEO failing so badly, video is the key to max your results.

Video Listing + Video News Release!

Showcase your company’s unique history, impact, and community spirit? Our innovative service creates a compelling video news release (VNR). Tell your story in a dynamic and engaging way. Get discovered using Video SEO. Make your own excitement! We create:

  • Professional Interview: Our experienced journalist will conduct an on-site interview, capturing your company’s essence & passion behind its mission.


  • Expert Editing: We’ll transform the raw footage into a polished VNR, featuring captivating visuals and insightful soundbites.


  • Social Media Promotion: 86% of all consumers seek video. We strategically promote your VNR across popular social media platforms, reaching a wide audience.


  • Press Release Distribution: We’ll distribute your press release, including a link to your VNR, to major news release services like EIN Newswire and News Break, potentially reaching over 45 million viewers.

Feature Story for my Business

Your video news release can be shared on all your social media. We will create a video press release that will play on our news portal at Additionally, the content will also be published as a news release to a wide network of journalists, bloggers, and other media outlets. The news release will contain a link to the video:

Optional: Virtual Studio Upgrade:

Blue Screen shoot here at VidiStudios with unlimited virtual backgrounds $1,500

VidiCity Smart News & Hyperlocal Video Search

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(45 million viewers)

  • Over 45 million users reportedly use News Break as their primary local news app in the US. (Google Play: App Store listing Apple: App Store).


  • News Break app holds the #1 ranking in the News & Magazines category on Google Play Store and holds a global website ranking of 4,370 (as of May 2024).

  • Similarweb traffic estimates suggest millions of monthly visitors to the NewsBreak website. If your article is relevant to a local audience and aligns with News Break’s content focus, it could be seen by a significant number of people in your area. Upvoting and commenting could further increase your visibility.

    • EIN PressWire    
    • PR Newswire
    • Business Wire
  1. Industry-Specific Websites and Publications

Many industries have their own trade publications where companies can submit press releases relevant to that particular industry, where reporters find stories relevant to their beat.

  1. Online Press Release Databases

There are a number of online databases that aggregate press releases from a variety of sources. These can be a good way for reporters to find a wide range of press releases on a variety of topics. 

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Pathos YouTube Channel

Pathos is not affiliated with VidiCity. We have not been paid any promotional fee for this content.