Palm Beach Creators Conference

Join the Creator Economy 

Palm Beach Business Group

Palm Beach Business Group is proud to host the first Palm Beach Creators Conference. We are looking for talent to feature at the event. Celebrity status is welcome, but not required. Please introduce yourself by email to VidiMan@VidiCity.net. This event is open to all creators and media professionals including:

  • Video Influencers
  • Content Creators
  • Podcasters
  • Video Producers
  • Photographers
  • Editors & Compositors
  • Special VFX and CG (computer graphics) Artists
  • 3D Animation & Metaverse World Designers
  • Actors & Performers
  • Website Channel Designers and Developers
  • Social Media Managers
  • YouTube & Instagram Creators
  • Media Campaign Agencies & Consultants
  • Filmmakers
  • Virtual Production Studios
  • Executive Producers
  • Independent Business Owners
  • Event Promoters

Local Affiliates – We need video producers – $1,000 Per Day & More

Have you heard the term creator economy? It’s not some exclusive club owned by the Kardashians. It’s everywhere, all around us, every day. Thousands of successful people have figured out the secret. Just average citizens building an audience in the millions. Let us help.

It’s the quiet revolution overtaking big business. Most influencers are so far ahead of the brands that sponsor them. The proverbial tail is wagging the dog. Corporations are stuck in the TV era, where paid advertising used to rule, but not any more. The creator economy grows every day. Content is king. If you’re a creator, it could be the greatest opportunity of your lifetime. Disruption is happening. How long will you sit while your friends make millions? 

Affiliate Positions Available Now

How many of your favorite brands release video content daily or weekly? Not that many yet, but the trend is exploding. Recognize the opportunity. This is not a game or some silly hobby. This is your chance to flex and make some serious bank, $1,000 at a time.

Start your own channel for little or no cost. We can help. Sign up for free at VidiModels. Start creating today. Work with qualified experts to produce your concept. Brands will pay you for content. Or, start your own brand. Add followers daily. The opportunity is very fresh. The old school doesn’t quite get it yet, including billion dollar companies who need your leadership. 

Creatives Flex for Cash

Maybe you’re more comfortable behind the camera, or better at writing than performing. I know, I am. Creatives, producers, writers, filmmakers, visionaries, podcasters, idea people, anyone with ambition, this is your calling. Do you have a story to tell? Work with ambassadors or advocates and get paid every week. It’s time to make cash and earn the respect of your peers. It’s the greatest side gig, ever. Be a creator with VidiBuzz. Quickly make thousands per month as an executive producer through our instant affiliate program.


In the 1990s the internet transformed the world. Consumers searched online and business was forced to follow. The creator economy is doing it again on VidiCity. Consumers now seek videos and businesses must follow. Best of all you can play a role in the business of the future. We provide all the tools you need. It’s the greatest side gig ever created. Your chance to cash in big.

Smart Video

We have 30+ years of experience with smart video for hundreds of different clients making millions of dollars in many different industries. Pick your favorite brands and go to work. Visual experience is here. Smart channels are changing the world. 3D metaverse may be the future, but video is here today.

This is Your Wake-up Call

Through VidiCity we provide smart channel video sharing in 33,000 different municipalities. It’s a global social video network. Introduce new potential clients in your town and make $1,000 per customer. Come join us for the upcoming Palm Beach Creators Conference, a presentation from the Palm Beach Business Group.

It’s time to get engaged. Join the Palm Beach Business Group today. 

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