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We stopped our Palm Beach Business Group in-person meetings for two years due to COVID-19. We did not feel right about charging membership fees when in-person meetings could not be held with live speakers. 

I am pleased to announce the reorganization of the PBBG, with our intent to hold live and Zoom meetings. Our home page is still the same for  updates and and new announcements

Starting in September "member ship" will take on new meaning. We have plans to host meetings aboard a 200 foot private yacht called “My Suite Yacht”. It should be arriving in July/August to the Port of Palm Beach, where it will be docked, but may begin service with passengers to a new development in the Bahamas. 
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Renew now to get our reduced annual fee of only $200 until August 31.

Membership will be $300/year after September 1st. Our monthly speaker series will include experts on international affairs, crypto-currencies, private equity, and slowing and/or reversing aging. Ask and we will send you a Paypal Invoice.

Thank you.

Tom Ross, Director


Origin Story

Launched in 1998 as a Palm Beach, Florida business networking group, the PBBG has served the business community of Palm Beach and Palm Beach County with a monthly program of interesting breakfast speakers, a networking cocktail, and a forum for early stage companies to meet potential associates and investors. Annual special Conference Events have included a series on developing medical technologies, including slowing or reversing the aging process.

Summer Meetings

We are actively looking for new featured speakers for upcoming meetings. If you know any leaders, influencers, movers or shakers in the Palm Beach area please let us know. If you have an innovative business and would like speak at our next gathering please contact us at the numbers below.

Keiretsu Forum

We now represent the Southeast chapter for Keiretsu Forum.

Keiretsu Forum is a worldwide network of capital, resources and deal flow with 53 chapters on 4 continents. Keiretsu Forum members invest in high-quality, diverse investment opportunities. Keiretsu Forum and Keiretsu Capital (the exclusive worldwide fund partner of Keiretsu Forum) are ranked as the most active venture investors in the USA.

PBBG in Action

Tom Ross 

PBBG will soon be announcing special guests and exciting new companies. PBBG sponsors special company presentations throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties, primarily in the medical sciences, and often related to healthy and extended aging. Forthcoming financial and technology companies, including crypto currency developments, are also featured.

Thomas Ross is the President of the PBBG. Tom has an international business background having lived 18 years in Africa and the Middle East, and is the former publisher of a noted international newsletter, The International Financial Strategist.

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